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I'm not surprised

I am an atheist and dislike any religion period because to me all of them seem to say "it's my way or the highway" or if you prefer to use historic words meaning you'll burn in hell or something of that nature.

Then with every religion you got a whole assortment of "beleivers" who all bicker with each other as to how to interpret and beleive in something and say that their way is the only true way. You got everything from the freaking "blow me up" Muslims, to Bible thumping "let's pray for everyhing in my life" guys,, to let me screw your wife & daughter sects, and then caping it off are the relaxed dudes who say screw it with all the rules all God cares about is your "inner faith"
So you get trapped into beleiving in something all you life, worshiping it just that "special" way and then there is a good chance you might end getting screwed at the end cause you didn't "do it" just right, or worse beleive in the wrong freaking god

Screw it, I'll just set my own moral standards
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