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Originally Posted by dwcjwerfner View Post
Hey there
I am new to this forum, actually ended up here following this link and could not find the original thread I linked this from NAXJA (or got tired of looking) so I signed up here because of this article. It looks very good but can you give me some more details?
1. Are you still running this and if so on what gears and tires?
2. Have you/how many times have you broke this? If so have you tried chromoly axles and do they still break?
3. Does any D44 outer work? And if so are you using Waggy's just for the flat tops? Could also use Chevy? I personally would use the Jeep stuff but asking just cause but I am curious.
4. Why Ford hubs and rotors? And I gather they work fine with the Waggy calipers?


PS So no infractions this is still good current tech.
Oh yeah I talked to Bill and he said "Glad to see someone improved my idea."
1) ran it for a few months with 36" Iroks and 37" ssr's but never wheeled it
2) never broke it but had a Super 30 kit for it (ended up going back to a regular hp30 so I could run Moab wheels).
3)I used the waggy stuff for flat tops, chevy stuff is the same and ford stuff will work if you don't want high steer
4) Ford hubs and rotors for 5x5.5" bolt pattern to match dual pattern tj 44 rear axle shafts. Yes everything worked great.

I did run into issues with the tie rod hitting the coils that I never fixed. I did read that there is a manufacture that makes longer high steer arms that will clear just don't remember off hand which ones.

I would say with the super 30 kit it would have no problem on 35's, ok on 36's.

I built this as I see no point on spending the amount of money it takes to build a hp44 because it is not a big enough gain in strength. For the money either run a hp30 or build a dana 60 if you need anything more.

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