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what do you mean the right away for the 1 ton axles?? yes i do agree that a benifit of having a truck is that we can go in to town and get gass and stuff, but yet, there isnt many actual places to wheel... i mean yeah we go on the seasional roads up here but they arnt that intersting we have the little side trails and pits off to the side. I have seen and heard of alot of quad trails, and other trails that are for the 50" wide orv. This is kewl that the state has these, im just saying id like to get some open for the full sizes, ya know? i dont want to screw it up for the little guys with the atvs and dirt bikes. I am not sure how to go around this. but even like you said, we have to pay for the orv sticker, the state pass inorder to get in to the land. and on top of that all we have to have the insurance and licence plate.. I am not sure because i dont own a quad, but quads dont need the insurance and a licence plate correct?? if i am wrong, please correct me.

Like i said, im not out to screw anybody over, I just want more places.. becasue even like at silver or any place else, quads can go where ever the fullsizes go. I will be thinking about this more over thanksgiving, but yeah just wanted to get peoples wheels truning ya know?... BTW blues brothers 2000 is a funny movie. very, anyway , have a good thanksgiving.
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