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Originally Posted by MiNi Beast View Post
So in theory I can take a $150 rear D60 from lets say a late model Ford and rebuild the ends into acceptable C's and knuckles for a front axle? Is there any benefit to this as to say if you can't find a front D60 already?
Like Cooter said, it can technically be done. Personally, I don't see it as much of a shortcut and I wouldn't hack up a late-model anything that would probably have discs on it already. Aside from the cost that will add up, finding someone that wants to cut up a D60 or finding one that has something wrong with the center section (and didn't damage the shafts) is the bigger challenge. I don't think its worth it. Unless you want to put together a 609 or something, just save your money and buy the right axle for what you are doing.

I think the biggest contributor to the confusion that causes all these questions about flipping axles, HP's spinning the other way, etc is the perpetuation of the incorrect phrase "reverse rotation" by shops, a variety of gear vendors, and the general public. (It really annoys me to see gear vendors use incorrect terms on their sites.) Nothing in a HP axle rotates in reverse. The gear teeth are cut in a different direction and the pinion engages the ring gear at a different point. "Reverse cut" is the proper terminology.
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