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Originally Posted by fastrt6dakota View Post
Has anyone ever repacked their own mufflers/ silencers?

I get the general idea, drilled out the rivets, pounded them through, got the outlet end off, and went to get the inlet end off, only to find it wouldn't come off.

It felt like it was being held in by something, but there's nothing I could see from the outside. Double checked that I had pounded the rivet "tails" all the way through, made sure it wasn't the mounting bracket holding the core to the body, etc.

The cans are carbon fiber, so I don't really want to pinch them in a vise. The inlet pipes have the midpipes permanently attached, so there's quite a bit of steel hanging off the front end of the cans.

I even tried using a plastic trim-chisel and pounding on the rim of the inlet cap, but it still wouldn't budge.

Any ideas?

What I'm working on: Arrow Carbon Fiber mufflers for a Ducati Monster 620.

Though I can't actually say I've ever repacked a silencer from that manufacturer, I can say that I have seen carbon fiber silencers that have had the silencer body glued to the inlet with some type of epoxy.....possibility, maybe??

Can you get the packing out of the can without pulling the inlet (yeah, I know, it probably won't happen and will be a massive PITA if you can....but worth a shot I suppose)......
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