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Originally Posted by MoparMike View Post
Thanks Scooter! Your examples make this easier. I was seriously thinking a TTR 125 would fit her perfectly, maybe I am mistaken. Then of course, the Honda XR 100 would be too small also.

Also, I am mainly looking at used bikes. I hate to sound like an ass, but I am not going to spend a whole lot of money on a brand new bike that she will most likely mess up within a couple months.
The only thing bad about the TTR125L I can think of is the size. My wife has short legs (which is usually the opposite of most women) and she could stand flat-footed on the TTR. In her mind, that is a great confidence builder, however, it will limit what she can do after she gets a few weeks in the saddle. You will notice it too because (since you'll always ride together) because she'll have a hard time keeping a good pace.

I might as well continue with my wife/bike experience:

Jasper is entirely correct about an air cooled bike and dropping My wife has been thrown off of all of her bikes numerous times - some real doozys in Moab on her 150. And that 150 has a "dry weight" of 216 lb. which is close to 235lb. topped of with fuel and oil. i.e. when the bike falls on her (and it will) she'll get pinned - at least my wife did. The 150 is low and stable and will motor through just about anything, but is weighs nearly as much as my KTM 300!

The following year we moved on to a KX100 - it keeps approximately the same size, but adds much much better suspension and a dry weight just under 160 lb. It is a bit more difficult to launch, but the light weight and 75% more suspension travel let her throw the bike around and go faster through whoops (which Michigan has plenty). The KX has more bottom-end than the 85's out there with no weight penalty (same bike, different bore on the engine), and I also had to add a USFS approved spark arrestor and a larger fuel tank - the original is around 0.8 gallons.

One of the most important things you can do for your wife when you get her a bike is to ditch the OEM tires and buy "soft/intermediate/sand" tires for her. A front tire that is good in sand is a must for Michigan and her happiness. Michelin's Starcross series works well (I can't remember the specific tire right now). The stock tires on the 100 and 150 both sucked in the sand - this will translate into the front end washing out in corners (resulting in a fall) and horrible straight-line stability in deep sand (which will tire her out fighting the bike).

One last thing, next to helmets, boots are the most important gear for trailriding. You'll be amazed hom many stumps will try to wrap your foot around the bottom of the peg.
Also, don't bother with the goofy roost protectors you see some of the people wearing out there. they don't protect much in a crash, they just do a real good job of keeping big rocks from motorcycle roost from hurting you. Also, it makes people look like transformers, which might be cool at Halloween when you're eight.(j/k ) It's just that I always ride with my wife and we don't roost each other (unless there's a bit of mud ) Start out wearing long sleeves and gloves - if you guys end up liking it like we do, I'd highly suggest a "661 Pressure Suit". You get chest, spine, shoulder, elbow and forearm protection. From my woods experience, I've used the elbow and forearm protection much more than I'd like to admit. (actually, it's the same gear my wife is wearing in the pictures)

Good luck to you and I hope you guise like it as much as we do!

BTW, if you're looking for a good bike for yourself, Chadcooper's street-legal WR is a steal. Street-legal dirtbikes are awesome because you can ride them EVERYWHERE LEGALLY. (well, orv trails, MCCCT trail, roads)

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