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Exclamation Fresh update

OK, I have a slight issue with getting this damn thing moved. I was in negotiations to get shop time to work on my jeep and tear it all apart. That seems to have fallen through. If there is anyone out there who wants some parts from my XJ for free and happens to have a shop or garage and would be willing to help me out by holding it there for me to tear down, I'm VERY open to offers for that. I'm ready to sell the parts, I just can't touch them until I tow the car off the collision shop's lot. Also, if anyone can throw me a better deal to tow it off the lot to aforementioned garage/shop than I can get from a local wrecker, there's negotiation options available for that too. Ideally, I'd like to strip it at someone's garage, then sell off the parts and give them the shell, or whatever they want.

I'm desperately trying to get the parts moved to everyone who has put their name on them, because this is going on three weeks now, and that's way too long to have jeep parts for sale and spoken for. So, if you're able to help me out, feel free to PM me, shoot me a text, or call me and let me know asap please. Very open to any and all offers you may have.


I've been offered a shop and some time by boogts, but everything has to go by Sunday night, which means I need a buyer for the shell. Everything else I can handle, but it'd be ideal if I could find a buyer for the shell, axles, big parts by then. The rest I can hold at home. I also need help towing the bitch there, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need an assload of tools, as well. I will grab what I can, but the more the better. If you or someone you know would want the shell off a rearended black XJ, let me know.

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