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Default Current Mounds prices and rules

Mounds Off-Road Vehicle Area

6145 E. Mt. Morris Rd. - 1.5 miles east of Genesee Rd., Mt. Morris, MI 48458

Monday – Saturday: 8:00 a.m. – Sunset
Sunday: Noon to Sunset
Click here for Driving Directions (Use your browsers "back" button to return)

Click here to download/view a map OF the Mounds ORV Area
You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat viewer. If you don't have it you can download it here

For information on obtaining a Michigan ORV safety certificate, check the DNR web site, and look for recreational safety classes.
Open year-round, but from March 15 – May 15, no trucks are allowed and motorcycles and ATVs are restricted to the eight-acre scramble area only.

Monday – Saturday: 8:00 a.m. – Sunset
Sunday: Noon to Sunset

Resident Daily Pass - $8.00 per vehicle
Non-Resident Daily Pass - $11.00 per vehicle
Resident Seasonal Pass - $35.00 per vehicle
Non–Resident Seasonal Pass - $65.00 per vehicle
Vehicle Test Fee - $125.00 per hour
Commercial Photography, Filming and Testing Fee - $125.00 per hour
(Prices effective January 1, 2009)

Mounds permits are valid for the calendar year, January 1 – December 31.

Requires State of Michigan ORV Sticker
State of Michigan ORV stickers can be purchased at any store that sells hunting and fishing licenses. The current price is $16.25.


Gasoline Powered, Full-Sized Vehicles
All Configurations: 95dbA @ 2000 RPM @ 20”, and USFS spark arrestor or a reverse flow muffler.

Diesel Powered, Full-Sized Vehicles
All Configurations: 95dbA @ 1/2 THE RATED rpm @ 20” -or- a reverse flow muffler.
Note: Absent an on-board tachometer, the vehicle may be accepted with a reverse flow muffler in good working order.

Motorcycles, Three & Four Wheel ATVs
All Configurations: 1986 or newer 94dbA @ 1/2 the rated RPM @ 20” & USFS approved spark arrestor.

1985 or older 99dbA @ 1/2 the rated RPM @ 20” and USFS approved spark arrestor.

NOTE: The published test RPM should be used in all cases, except when no listing is provided. Then, use the closest application for the same make and model.

For information on obtaining a Michigan ORV Safety Certificate, check the DNR website, and look for Recreational Safety Classes.

Pavilion in parking lot is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Beverage vending machine available.

No grills available, but you may bring your own and grill in the parking lot.

No washing of vehicles in parking area.

ORV Definition
Michigan law defines an ORV as any motor vehicle that can be operated cross-country (without benefit of a road or trail) over land, snow, and other natural terrain. This includes: multi-track or multi-wheeled vehicles; all-terrain vehicles (ATVs); motorcycles or related multi-wheeled vehicles; amphibious machines (water-to-land and back); hovercraft; and other vehicles that use mechanical power including 2- or 4-wheel-drive vehicles that are highway registered but operated off highways or off roads.

Mounds ORV Park Rules
Welcome to the Genesee County Mounds ORV Park. While you are here, please obey all of the Genesee County Park and Michigan ORV rules.

No alcohol permitted in the park.

Five mph on the access road and in the parking lot.

Do not cross fresh or flowing water, except on a culvert.

You must wear a helmet and eye protection.

Do not ride double on an ATV or off road motorcycle.

Your ORV must have a USFS approved spark arrester.

Your ORV must not exceed Michigan sound level standards.

Your off road vehicle must have a valid ORV license permanently attached and visibly displayed.

Children under 16 years of age need ORV safety training and adult supervision.

Designated parking areas have been established. Please respect the rights of others by parking in designated locations only. Thank you, Genesee County Parks and Recreation Commission
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