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Originally Posted by bigwalton View Post
My brother is getting married in Sept. and they're doing it all low-key. Getting married in his in-laws' back yard, family member officiating, no big shebang...

Anyway, they know I'm handy with a camera and they've asked me to take pictures at the ceremony (the only photographer!) and reception.

I'm already stressed out. I've got some good shots at other weddings, but never as the "official" photographer or anything. Both of them, and our families, appreciate good photography, so it's not like simple snapshots will be sufficient.

I have a D40x and 35-200/3.5 (IIRC, will correct later too lazy right now) and that's pretty much it. I have another zoom lens, but it's not as nice as the one I normally use.

What would you want to have to shoot a wedding outdoors? I'm thinking a real speedlight would be good incase it's overcast as opposed to the built-in, but I've never used one and would have to play with it a lot beforehand to figure out what I'm doing (of course that's assuming I can afford to swing one).

Just wanted to start thinking about things so maybe I can watch on CL locally for something if I need other equipment.... any help is appreciated.
Here's my .02

The pop up flash isn't going to even come close to providing enough fill for shots with a zoom lens. Something like the SB-600 or 800 would be ideal. You'll probably want to spend the 15 bucks on a diffuser for it also. The 18-55mm kit lens with the D40 is a pretty sharp, cheap lens that works good outside, however isn't very long. Something like the 70-200 f/2.8 would be sweet, but comes at a high price.

If that lens you have now is the old nikkor 35-200, you'll probably want something that will focus on the D40x also. Focus is one less thing to worry about while shooting IMHO.

You'll want to stock up on batteries and memory cards also. If you shoot RAW you can fix a lot more in post, rather than jpeg. Takes about 12mb per shot, but well worth the space when it comes to adjusting WB/Exposure, and other stuff after the shot.

I'm no pro, and i dont shoot weddings. I have been asked to, and simply dont want the responsibility of people not being happy with their wedding pics, no matter how much they tell you that they dont care.

Hope this helps.
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