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Originally Posted by cglenn View Post
I know what fab school you are talking about, a couple of my friends down here went to it, they ended up dropping out or not going because of the far drive and apparently it was expensive, didn't like it too much or something. I'll have to ask them about it.
Yeah smog blows down here, mainly why I'm thinking of grabbing a pre-76 truck, I think that's the year. Only way you can get around it is have someone illegally pass it for you. Or you can green sticker it off-road only and have a DD. Or just put the smog stuff on it but I don't know what you have.
yea you should ask them about it and get back to me about it cuz i was looking at that. and if i did go down there i would probley be riding the huffy for a while till i get some money then i would probley build a pre runner
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