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Originally Posted by Silver Bullet View Post
So Saturday night my wife and I were at Meijers at 96 and Middlebelt. We were the only people waiting in line for the self check out. A black older women pulls her cart up next to us and we chat while waiting. I did not realize that 2 lines of approx 20 people had formed behind us. someone finishes up and the older women gives me the nod to go ahead. I start walking toward the check out and I hear from the back of the line from a black couple " O hells naw, How he gonna cut up in front of dat der lady. Dis here is some bull shit. Hey mans hows the hell you gonna do dat to us." I turned around and said "I'm sorry I can't understand you I don't speak ebonix."
That set his fat ass wife off. "O hells naw I cants beleives he just said dat." Picture her arms flopping around like she is trying to fly. "WTF is dat supposed to means." A few of the people in line were trying not to laugh. The person running the self check out was almost rolling on the floor. My wife was laughing her ass off but smacked me when we got in the car. The whole time they were flappin at the jaw i was laughing my ass off and I waved good bye as I left.

What kind of stories do you got from the "season to be jolly."
So dat was you dat disreeespecktid my aunty? Damn honkys got no recons, recunsi, remuns...., you no whats I b try'n ta say. Respict, ya gots no respict for the propuh language. Jest wait till Obama sits in duh big crib! We cuttin' to the front of duh line!
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