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Originally Posted by victorymike
I bought the 4 Wheeler's Bible to read up on things exactly like this topic (and lucky for me it has TONS more good info). Thanks for this topic.

From the minor hijack of this thread: My CB has a built in SWR and you can tune the radio to the antenna (as opposed to tuning the antenna to the radio). And I am a ham (N1URQ) and have a mobile 2 meter radio. First I have heard of fellow Jeepers using their hams on the trails. If this is the way everybody is going I'll swap my 2 meter from my truck into my Jeep, like I did with my CB. Is there a thread on this?...couldn't find one via the search feature.
Several of the folks at GLFWDA either already have or are working towards their ham's. Primarily for the runs in Canada where it is so remote. Haven't heard too much about ham's for local wheelin. I also hear they use them alot out west.

Marv, early on, you mentioned a minimum of a 3" strap. I have found that WHEN USED PROPERLY, a 2" will work better in most cases for a Jeep. A light weight Jeep gets very little stretch out of a 3" strap unless it is hit really hard, which I don't recommend. Jeep to Jeep with a 3" almost seems like a chain at times. I have never broken a 2" strap. But I never hit it very hard. If you can't pull someone with a mild pull with 5 ft of slack max, do something different! Time to use a wire.

I like a 30 footer since is allows much more stretch without reaching it's limits. Make sure it is a 20,000 pound minimum. (not an arguement.....just an observation)

Something else that has not been mentioned is when using a shackle attachment in a trailer hitch, make sure you know the quality of the cross pin holding the shackle into the hitch. Many of the "cheap" pins are not good quality.

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