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Originally Posted by 95geo View Post
1500 for shafts... it's a ball park figure... branik motorsports sells machined moser or yukons for about 900 that gets you the 50 degrees of steering that the knuckles are capable of. add in some ujoints that will hold up and you have 1300-1500 for shafts. now if you want to be billy bad ass you can spend 3500 for CTM inners that are ready to drop in and run.

you cant run normal unmachined shafts in the knuckles unless you put on steering stops and also dont mind breaking a shaft in case you over steer or the knuckles flex. if you are going to pinch pennies, a $7000 front axle is not the place.

and for the center, if you really want you can piece together parts and assemble it yourself... either way you arent getting something strong and reliable for less than 800.... you can have 4 wheel parts build you one that you pull out of the package and drop in for $1000 so you might as well do that to save you the hassles of piecing the right things together and all of the individual shipping costs taht will get added up also.
Ah OK, you were talking about the spider 9 steering capacity. You just had me worried that I was going to drop 1K on shafts, when I had $300-$400 budgeted for my inners. 37 deg is fine for me and my suspension, and I will be running stock 60 outer knuckles.

I hear you on the center, I just wanted to give real pricing as I had just done that last week. Personally I would pay the same price to setup my third as one pre-built. That way I know it's done right with quality parts and bearings. My rear center is going to be around $650 with a Strange N2206 and an Aubrun spool I snagged for $80 on FleaBay.
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