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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post

I know many of you have sarcasm for someone who has, and uses horsepower. You also feel you have more finesse that someone with horsepower. Well, I guess that's your perogative to have the opinion that someone with horsepower doesn't use finesse. I disagree. Sure, there are those that are hammer down guys. I would like to believe that I don't fall into that catagory. But here's where I see the difference. You and I may both try to finesse an obstacle. When you give up, you pull cable or back out. When I give up, I try my horsepower. Does it always work? NOPE, not at all. But sometimes it does. And, then there are those times where you won't even attempt an obstacle (such as a steep sand hill) because you know you can't make it. I have never had criticizm for those who choose to run a 4 or 6 cylinder. It's a personal choice. I think it's insulting to generally catagorize a person with a V8 as an unsafe idiot.

I wasn't having sarcasm for someone that has and used HP. I have a V8 in my YJ and doubled the HP in the flatty with the V6... I still will pull cable or take a strap before I ever hammer down (unless it is obvious that a little more skinny pedal will probably do it). I'd rather not risk a break that may delay the group or the amount of wheeling I get to do that day/that weekend. I like a challenge but I hate equipment failure more if it could be avoided by an extra 5 minutes pulling cable or taking a strap.

Part of that goes to the fact I don't have a tow rig and drive my stuff to and from the trails (the flatty gets towed if Adam is willing)
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