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My D60 costs. Please accept the fact that some numbers are rough from memory.
Axle with lockouts: $700
Shortened alloy axle shaft $180 ish
Detroit Locker $600 ish
R&P/bearings: $400 ish
5 on 5.5 conversion. $150 for the brackets. I wouldn't add in calipers/pads/rotors because many junk yard axles would require the same regardless of size. I also re used the bearings because they were in great condition. If I'm forgetting something I'll add it in.

Total; $2030

I re used all other shafts. I did my own conversions for the 5 on 5.5.

Now making some wild ass guesses on a D44:
Axle with lockouts: $150
Shortened axle shaft $150 ish
Detroit Locker $550 ish
R&P/bearings: $350 ish

Sub Total: $1200
Now add in the other alloy shafts required.
$350 ish for shafts.
$360 for super joints.

Total: $1910

OK, maybe my 60 isn't cheaper but it's within $100 (rough estimate) and a hell of a lot stronger. AND, if I find I need to beef it up, upgrades will make it even better.

I know many of you have sarcasm for someone who has, and uses horsepower. You also feel you have more finesse that someone with horsepower. Well, I guess that's your perogative to have the opinion that someone with horsepower doesn't use finesse. I disagree. Sure, there are those that are hammer down guys. I would like to believe that I don't fall into that catagory. But here's where I see the difference. You and I may both try to finesse an obstacle. When you give up, you pull cable or back out. When I give up, I try my horsepower. Does it always work? NOPE, not at all. But sometimes it does. And, then there are those times where you won't even attempt an obstacle (such as a steep sand hill) because you know you can't make it. I have never had criticizm for those who choose to run a 4 or 6 cylinder. It's a personal choice. I think it's insulting to generally catagorize a person with a V8 as an unsafe idiot.
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