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Originally Posted by brimy311 View Post
Stan broke the spider gears inside the d30 front OX. I called and tried to get replacement parts and they argued with me about it. I told them that i needed a set of Spider gears for their D30 and they told me "Sir, we don't use spider gears in these." He acted like I had no idea what I was talking about and was unable to help me. (this also took about 2 weeks of calling every other day to get anyone).

Look like spider gears to me....
Duuuhhhh, those aren't spider gears. Those are super bling bling wiper arms, Ox are such morons.

I've always hated OX, they make me want to drink a bottle of exlax and leave them a present on there front door. As stated above, they have the WORST customer service with a product line that follows closely in second place.
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