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Originally Posted by Fraser View Post
Um, no. sorry but mine looks pretty good, Ive even hit a car w/ it and nothing happened to it. I work at a factory, and I do my own work out of my garage. and sorry I've prob spent almost as much money as I bought my jeep for and it sure looks like it. I don't have to go out and throw money around to thinking I'm hot shit w/ somebody else's bumpers b/c I'm incapable of getting off my ass and doing it myself. and I dont have $300+ to throw out at bumpers, sorry to disappoint you. Like OMG I hi jacked a thread THATS ALREADY IN THE BIN OMG this pile of shit has had no real direction since half way through the first page you dumb "insert racial slur here" . oh, and btw- I am 20 years old, my mom doesn't watch me that close any more, and I got to bed whenever the hell I want to. I am not a dumb "insert racial slur here" that invested my trust into something that didnt have much of a reputation to do work on my stuff, your bad

Sounds rather racist to me. You are and ignorant piece of shit. You should read what you posted previously to remember what you said. Yet again, you are just a small piece of shit in a big septic tank. You obviously just type out your ass to try and get a response. And by your "insert racial slur here" quotes it shows that you are for sure a racist. You just dont have the balls to say the word you are hinting at. YOU ARE A PUSSY. Yes a PUSSY!

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