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Originally Posted by Fraser View Post
well sorrryy, i happen to work with some black dudes, they aint too bad, and i am not 'skeered' of them. i can have a decent conversation with any of them liek a normal person, so your bad. and im not the wanna be "insert racial slur here" that has 'original gangster' over his avatar pic- nice try to slip that by. and if you had enough brain to like look at pictures and stuff in the picture section, you might, just might see my jeep in there. its nothing special, so i dont flaunt it. oh, ya it is my parents garage- omg i slipped omg. if you even knew what a redneck racist peice of shit was, youd be shakin in your boots- come on out here theyre not even ten minutes from where i live ya fawk. and its spelled HOWELL
Also, I have met countless people who talk like they are black. You are the first thing I have ever mat or come into contact with that types like one.
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