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Originally Posted by Trail_Fanatic
33 views, 1 post, and none of us really know anything for sure.

I think that pretty much sums up wheeling in Michigan, eh?

I guess the DNR gets an A+ for making the rules available and known. :tonka:

I think it's kind of sad, in a way.
I actually WANT to know ALL the rules and can't find them.
The problem is the "rules" often are just that... rules written by the DNR and enforced by the DNR because there is no "law" to govern them. One of the things I've been saying for a while now is that any change to Act 451 has to address the craziness that basically says the DNR can do anything it wants if it hasn't been specifically permitted or prohibited by law. And, with the current court precedents in Michigan, the Legislature has no way to stop rules once they are promulgated. So, the DNR can do what it wants and the people we elect to represent us can't stop them unless they hear about it beforehand and pre-empt a rule with a law. Of course, the last three times the Legislature has tried this, Granholm has vetoed the laws, allowing the bureaucrats to continue to run this state like a dictactorship instead of a Republic. Remember this when it comes time to vote in November!!
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