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Yep I agree duffman.

I dont belive for one second there is a single job Americans’ wont do. You just have to raise the wages till someone bites. Its called competition, there is competition (and there should be) for american workers in america. TENS OF millions of americans would do some really skummy dangerous to their long term health and just plain terible job if they could double their wages. Many would do darn near anything legal to buy their own house and send their kids to a good school. That americans jsut wont do certain jobs is a flat out lie. LIE!!!

If I hear one more fucking rancher who thinks his grandpa started a ranch and he is just guaranteed / entitled to: thankful workers, who work for peanuts I am going to flip out and shootout my TV screen. NO BUSINESS IS GUARANTEED. Close your business or hire legit real documented guest workers, pay them a check, with hold taxes, and contribute to society. THE PEOPLE DECIDE WHAT THEY WILL WORK FOR!!!! NOT THE BUSINESS!! THESE GOD DAMED RANCHERS THINK HE DECIDES WHAT HE WANTS TO PAY, THEN ITS NOT REALISTIC, SO HE HAS CARTE BLANCH TO FILL THE POSITION ANY MEANS NECESSARY. fuck that!!!

These shady businessmen are not much better than drug dealers in my opinion. atleast drug dealers are selling something people are willing to pay for. If hireing Americans or documented workers with benefits and insurance raises the price of beef or strawberries to much then ohh well I guess American wont have beef or strawberries’ (insert any product here, oranges, chickens whatever). Do it legit and people will pay or not. If they do not buy your products YOU DONT HAVE A BUSIESS YOU FAWKING TRAITORS!!

*sorry for this being so long this is something I am very passionate about*

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