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(6) While a volunteer is working on an adopt-a-trail project, the volunteer has the same immunity from civil liability as a department employee and shall be treated in the same manner as an employee under section 8 of 1964 PA 170, MCL691.1408.

Yea, it might sound good, but ask the CCC what happened with their last $1,000,000 lawsuit over their adopted trail maintenance! It doesn't seem to hold up in court as intended.

the Trail Grant program Pays the grant holder to get the work done. it does not however specify how the grant holder doles out monies. the second thing that has changed is the grant holders Volinteers MUST be insured by the grant holder while doing maintenance. there are no consestions for working without insured people on the ground.

(e) . . . or in any area in such a manner as to create an erosive condition. . .

Spin your tires and you're moving dirt - eroding it.
its funny I have yet to see any machine or group of machine move enough dirt that would deprave a trail of passage. the idea of eroding enough soil/sand would be extreme even by our standards. I think I would have to drive a dozer down the trails to do the damage the state describes as hurtfull to the environment.

(o) In or upon the waters of any stream, river, bog, wetland, swamp, marsh, or quagmire except over a bridge, culvert, or similar structure.

I can agree with flowing water unless it has a rock or gravel bottom that isn't conducive to sedimentation, but how many mud bogs are there in Michigan each year? Does anyone know where to find the "official" DEQ definition of a swamp, bog, wetland, or quagmire? Just what does it take to be classified as such?
its listed in the ORV law section under "prohibited acts", the side note here is the fact the Hovercrafts are added into the classifiacation ORV. they operate and were desiged for Swamps, bogs, wetlands and marshes by their very design, but because the state and its tree hugger lobbiest ddin't want them here, they are all but illegal to operate because of this law.

324.72105a Adopt-a-trail program:

(4)(c) volunteer groups shall contribute a total of at least 400 service hours over a two year period.

If someone's willing to volunteer, there shouldn't be a 'minimum' requirement, in my mind.
I have never heard of the 400 hour requirement. you might be farther ahead to talk to R.J.Witte from the CCC he could shead some light on this as they do the most maintence under the grant program around these parts.
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