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this is worse than affirmitive action, atleast that is direct at real american here legally. I dont know what we could could possibly gain from giving them amnesty. If anything they should introduce a bill to forcibly deport ANY illegal who commits any crime, is pulled over for anything, you just get cuffed, stuffed and we fed ex you ass to mexico city (along with id tats mentioned in another post). We round up a few hundred thousand illegals every year, and tax about 65% any western union payments going to latin america. We scan all mail for cash and make a law making it illegal to mail cash.

That in addition to my ideas of penalizing the employers of illegals will stem the flow, if there is no opportunity here. Its really really really fucked up that illegals have more opportunity here than they do in their native country. THATS WHAT WE NEED TO DO IS TAKE AWAY ANY FORM OF OPPORTUNITY, not entice them to come in droves so they can get amnesty.

I am really starting to loath every level and every representive of our government. This is our economy, our tax dollars pay for its output of wealth to be enjoyed SOLELY BY natural born americans and legal immigrants. Seems everyone is in a race to court the illegals or be seen by the legal hispanic community as "illegal friendly" or "soft on illegals", literally they will give away the country to be granted the hispanic vote for the foreseable future.

Every illegal is nothing more than a dirty rotten thief. Hope they all rot in hell.

I wish since they are "sooooooo hard working and determined to better themselves" they would channel some of that initiative to improving their own country instead of slapping me in the face by protesting here. Fawking cowards wont do anything disruptive in their homelands, but feel free to come here and ask for the world. I dont want people like that to be able to call themselves americans EVER!!

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