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Originally Posted by GOTRCKS View Post
I couldn't agree more. I haven't "self-promoted", or "attentioned whored", since the Off-Road Advenures thing. Everyone else keeps doing it for me. I have been lying back and reading all of the over me and my rig for some time now.

In the beginning, I thought it was ok to talk about the rig, and the sponsors, etc, etc. But after a few people started in on me for doing so, I suddenly became a big douche, and an attention whore, etc. etc.

So the question for me is, who really blew me out of proportion? Me, or the select few on this site who have made it their life's passion to try and continue the for their own personal entertainment?

Yes, I was once very excited about my rig, and yes I talked about it all the time. I was proud of it, and I wanted to share it with the world. Did I go about in a way that might have offended some people. Obviously. Was it intentional? No. Look at all of the other people out there who brag about their rigs. I'm not saying it is right. And obviously my past has a lot to do with the situation. But it is the past. Move on for crying out loud.

I am trying to post in a manner to be positive. I am not bashing anyone, or trying to be malicious, or a "douche". I just want to move forward, and try to get passed all of this B.S..

Quite frankly I'm pretty good with this reply.
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