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Default PA451 Anti-Wheeling Wordage

Here are the areas I have problems with:

Public Act 451 of 1994:

Section 324.81101 Additional Definitions:

(e) "Forest Road" means a hard surfaced road, gravel or dirt road, or other route capable by a 2-wheel drive, conventional 4-wheeled vehicle designed for highway use, except an interstate, state, or county highway.

If you can't get down it in 2 wheel drive you're supposed to turn around.

324.81133 Operation of ORV; prohibited acts:

(e) . . . or in any area in such a manner as to create an erosive condition. . .

Spin your tires and you're moving dirt - eroding it.

(o) In or upon the waters of any stream, river, bog, wetland, swamp, marsh, or quagmire except over a bridge, culvert, or similar structure.

I can agree with flowing water unless it has a rock or gravel bottom that isn't conducive to sedimentation, but how many mud bogs are there in Michigan each year? Does anyone know where to find the "official" DEQ definition of a swamp, bog, wetland, or quagmire? Just what does it take to be classified as such?

324.72105a Adopt-a-trail program:

(4)(c) volunteer groups shall contribute a total of at least 400 service hours over a two year period.

If someone's willing to volunteer, there shouldn't be a 'minimum' requirement, in my mind.

(6) While a volunteer is working on an adopt-a-trail project, the volunteer has the same immunity from civil liability as a department employee and shall be treated in the same manner as an employee under section 8 of 1964 PA 170, MCL691.1408.

Yea, it might sound good, but ask the CCC what happened with their last $1,000,000 lawsuit over their adopted trail maintenance! It doesn't seem to hold up in court as intended.

If anyone has DOCUMENTATION that refutes, or in any way, seems to counter ANY of these statements, LET ME KNOW!

I'm trying to collect a 'wheelin' legal document database.

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