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Originally Posted by DeRanged mudder View Post
You will need to pull the top of the carb off. Once you have the screws out, pull up carefully and slowly. On the edelbrock there are two little plates on top that are sort of tear drop shaped, they have one screw each. Those are the covers for the metering rods. Pull those covers before you pull the carb top. Make sure the pistons aren't seized into place (common problem). If they are, that could be your problem. carefully work them up and down until they move freely. You should be able to push them down with little pressure and they should spring right back up.
be sure to do this first to avoid bending the metering rods, also when you go back together they will be the very last part you install.

also, look at the accelerator pump plunger seal, if this is dry, cracked, or overly flexible you may be getting blowby and not the correct boost when applying throttle. There is also a specific location for the lever based on carb model, and a measurement tolerance for travel at the maximum end of the travel.

Here is one more link to some info on these carbs. This comes from the rebuild kit for these carbs.
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