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I might be reading these wrong, but this would be my interpretation

Originally Posted by Nuzzy View Post
(c) A person may operate on a highway a vehicle which has a pneumatic tire in which wire of .075 inches in diameter or less is embedded if the tire is constructed so that the percent of metal in contact with the highway does not exceed 5% of the total tire area in contact with the roadway, except that during the first 1,000 miles of use or operation of the tire the metal in contact with the highway shall not exceed 20% of the area.
.075" is not a chain... thats a small piece of wire

(d) The department of state highways and transportation shall promulgate rules establishing acceptable standards to permit the use of a tire with studs or other traction devices to be used on a street or highway after April 1, 1975. The rules shall make separate provision for the extreme winter snow and ice conditions of the Upper Peninsula and the northern Lower Peninsula. The rules shall include a restriction on the amount and dimension of protrusions that may be allowed on a tire, the type of material that may be used in a stud, traction device, or tire, and the amount of road wear that a tire with studs or other traction devices may cause on a street or highway.
This one is odd
I believe this simply means that at any point in time, the state police can declair an "extreme situation" where chains would be acceptable, usually following an usual amount of snowfall. The only time I can think of this happening to me personally was in 2001 when I was living in Flint. We got about 2 feet of snow in about 18 hours. The city was shut-down and declaired a "state of emergency" by the governor in order to get help from the state to clear the snow. During that time, people could also legally drive snowmobiles on the roads.

(e) A person may operate on a highway a vehicle which has a pneumatic tire in which are inserted ice grips or tire studs if the person is a law enforcement officer operating a vehicle owned by a law enforcement agency, a person operating an ambulance, or a United States postal service rural carrier driving a vehicle the rural carrier owns and maintains as a prerequisite to employment in the postal service.
we are none of those
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