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Originally Posted by ArcticCat843 View Post
Not to get in the middle of this but 1) the truck is hardly squatting at all, and 2)the reason it is back so far is that trailer was jacked up....You cant tell so much by the pics but it was a homemade trailer and the axles were WAY to far back....That was the first time i towed it and i didnt really know what i was doing....could have been the wrong hitch or something too, i dont remember, accually, To prove how much we didnt know at the time, we loaded the jeep offcenter on the way home and blew a tire lol....Since then i have towed it to haspin acres, silver lake, Twisted trails and the badland on a different trailer (tpthrilljoes) and it tows pretty good. If you get the toung weight right you would be surprised how well it tows....and it is far under the max rating for the truck...

keep in mind im not just saying this to get the OP to buy it (even though that would be great lol) I told him if he was buying JUST a tow rig this was not the truck he wanted....But if he wasnt a nice, comfortable DD that he can tow his jeep with once and a while it is great....

Oh and i would be more than happy to load up my jeep for him and let him take it for a spin...(if joe is willing to let me barrow his trailer)

here is it on joes trailer, much better than that messed up POS in the above pic....

Ok, i guess i dont have any good pics of it but you get the idea

Which is what I was Actually asking about instead of PP's Diesel Diesel Diesel posts. I'm pulling recreationally, not commercially. Like I said before, I'll keep in touch.
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