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Originally Posted by PavementPounder View Post
Yeah, because static pictures really tell you how the vehicle will behave when its moving, right? Look at that picture again. The XJ isn't that far forward and the trailer is barely level. See how much the truck is squatting already? You said you weren't going to buy immediately, so see if you can tag along with someone towing with a half-ton and someone towing with something bigger and drive them both.

One of the other problems with this thread is that you started out soliciting testimony from people who have owned the vehicle class you are interested in buying. While that's fine by itself for a good amount of asthetic characteristics and some other functional things, that's not really what you want since that's all that most of those people have ever owned. You want to hear from the people who have owned both the half-ton and the heavier trucks. Yes, I have owned both - I had a 97 Ram 1500 that I towed with and traded it in on my current Ram after only a year when I realized it was a mistake.

Look at what those people who have the experience of having been on both sides are posting. The half-ton owners are all saying "Yes, you can get by", but do you really want to just "get by"? The people who have owned heavier vehicles agree that you will "get by" (myself included), but they are recommending vehicles better suited to the job and I don't see the point with burdening yourself with having to sell off a truck in the future when its hard enough to do that now. When Obama f's up our taxes even further, people will tighten their belts even more and half-ton gassers will become even more unpopular. I think you'd be pretty happy with the comfort and capability of the diesels similar to what Immortal and Stalker_Built bought recently.

I understand Jesus 's point since we both own the same vehicle - I don't know that I would recommend it as a tow rig to anyone. Perhaps if he had a CTD, he would be less soured about the big trucks, because the V10's mileage really does suck regardless of how consistent it is. Although the V10 still does everything I need it to, I would have bought a 3500 CTD (pretty much the truck that Bio is selling) when writing out my order had I known then what I know now. Yes, recent half-tons have more power than they used to, but the peaks are still not equal, the power is still not as high through the useable ranges in the power curves as the diesels, the gassers are more costly to pump up, and you net smaller gains.
have not now, nor ever stalked. If you wanna wait, go for the 1/2 diesels that are comming out in a year or 2. Then you can give the to everyone.
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