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Carb boot... you mean the connection between carb and reed set? (as goes into motor) Or between airbox and carb. I have one that is all chewed up, but ordered a fresh one (how I got the extra) from They can sometimes be a little pricey, but it's hard to find those little parts otherwise. For the speedo, I found a replacement for mine on e-bay. May just be the cable to back of speedo, though. So I'd check that before ordering a replacement. You'll find a new one (oem) is pretty pricey. Mine will do about 48mph. I have the auto oiler turned up as high as it can go, so running pretty rich. They're zippy and will pull from my grizzly 660 from a stand-still. Won't get passed for the first 100ft or so. Wheel spinners, too. However mine is the xplorer version. That year was exact same except solid rear axle so the tires are more "ballooned" and might be why it wants to spin so well. Also, the headlights. There's a connector in headlight pod which is ground for the lights (both sets if I remember correctly). Before ordering a new bulb, make sure that just didn't come loose. The shop would never tell you that, but I've seen several polaris have this for the reason of their "burnt out lights". Make sure, too that the oil reservoir is getting lower as you ride. ie that it's using oil appropriately. I run polaris 2-stroke oil religiously in that bike.
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