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K, just waiting on the stupid 318 flywheel and computer. I had already bought a 360 computer and flywheel for the 318 when I still thought it was a 360. But, because it's a 318 I had to get different ones as they are motor size specific. The 360 is externally balanced from the factory by the flywheel and harmonic balancer. The 318 is balanced at the crank. So you can NOT mix the flywheels, or harmonic balancers. Also the computer is obviously different. It has different fuel rates and pulses I believe as the motors have different strokes and bores between the two.

Well, as soon as they get here I will bolt it in. But, I still have to fab up some kind of adapter plate for the cross member as the new setup will sit 2" further forward as compared to the stock setup. I will use a TJ poly trans mount and stock plate with some kind of extension, or reposition the mounting point from the skid plate forward if possible.

Also, still have to rebuild the t-case when the HD chain kit gets here and I can afford a SYE. Then add the AA tcase shifter bracket to eliminate the body mount point ( also affected by the 2" forward positioning).

I also need to either re drill the clocking pattern on the back of the trans or just buy a clocking ring. This is to get the t-case back to the stock TJ clocking degree. The dodge dakota t-case is clocked lower. I may go with the clocking ring just for the spacing, plus then I don't have to bother re-drilling. This will make up for some of the 2" forward positioning of the front driveshaft and maybe allow me to reuse my current one without any modification due to the new length differences. My current front axle is also set 1" further forward due to all adjustable arms. So, I might just be ok there. If I have to position my front axle forward another 5/8 th's than so be it.

As for the rear shaft, I'm not worried as I will be getting a new cv shaft anyways!

All in due time.
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