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Noodles if I may say the reason the "full size" isn't in the orv discription is becasue the state likes your money. they expect you to make it street legal and BUY a plate. they expect you to BUY a ORV sticker to play the scrammble areas, they expect to see you at silver lake sand dunes and the fact you have to BUY a state park sticker and & BUY an ORV sticker just to pull out of their lot. I would think that most folks have it figured out, so don't think they are going to give you anything without a fight. we at the "club" are fighting the state at every turn to get more of any kind of trail or route. they are hard core againest the opening of state rec areas that used to accomodate the whole gambit of ORVs , but in the end you still can drive forest roads that we are not aloud on with just a sticker, we cannot come into town for gas or food in most areas and the current ORV gives my 8 year old to the right to operate my Hummer in the scrammble areas with an approved orv certificate. so make sense of that and you will be one up on everyone.
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