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Originally Posted by PetalMel View Post
I agree that it should be legalized, regulated, and taxed just like alcohol and tobacco. As far as harm, it is my understanding that the amount of carcinogens (sp?) and other harmful chemicals are the same, if not less due to the "organic" nature of pot. What I mean, is that most pot smokers and growers do not use any chemicals in the preparation of their weed for smoking (unless, of course, they are lacing it with something to enhance the effect.).

The inhalation of pot smoke becomes detrimental more so because it isn't filtered, meaning folks usually smoke it wrapped in a paper or "blunt" (hallowed out cigar) that usually doesn't have a filter on it to help take out some of the chemicals, etc.

laws make water pipes and bongs, which filter some of the
carcinogens out of the smoke, illegal and, hence, unavailable. The
second is that, if marijuana were legal, it would be more
economical to have cannabis drinks like bhang (a traditional drink
in the Middle East) or tea which are totally non-carcinogenic.
From what I have read and been taught, the addictive nature of pot is similar to cigarettes and it is often called the "gateway drug" because as people's bodies get used to it they will often move onto another drug to feel the same high they used to get. That is why they sometimes lace it with things to aid in the effect. I kinda liken it to beer drinkers who end up going to hard liquor because "beer doesn't get me buzzed." sorta thing.


3. Marijuana is a "gateway" drug -- it leads to hard drugs

This is one of the more persistent myths. A real world
example of what happens when marijuana is readily available can be
found in Holland. The Dutch partially legalized marijuana in the
1970s. Since then, hard drug use -- heroin and cocaine -- have
DECLINED substantially. If marijuana really were a gateway drug,
one would have expected use of hard drugs to have gone up, not
down. This apparent "negative gateway" effect has also been
observed in the United States. Studies done in the early 1970s
showed a negative correlation between use of marijuana and use of
alcohol. A 1993 Rand Corporation study that compared drug use in
states that had decriminalized marijuana versus those that had not,
found that where marijuana was more available -- the states that
had decriminalized -- hard drug abuse as measured by emergency room
episodes decreased. In short, what science and actual experience
tell us is that marijuana tends to substitute for the much more
dangerous hard drugs like alcohol, cocaine, and heroin.
Like I've said before, if it is legalized then there can be some sort of regulation of it. Pot growing is a lot like making your own beer or wine. Once you get acquainted with the art of doing it, you can learn how to increase or decrease the addictive (mind-altering) aspects of it to your liking. I think our government should legalize it and tax the crap out of it.
Why does it need to be regulated and taxed? If I can grow it in my garden along side my tomatoes and cucumbers?

The government doesn't need to make a buck off me every time I breath.
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