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Default legal pot

So with pot as a big topic this year I was thinking. Why is it really illegal?

They are fine with us smoking cigarettes, right? Cigarettes are full of hundreds of varying chemicals. We all know the bad smoking does to a person. Hell the government makes the manufacturer tell us their product is harmful.

You cant smoke at work or in a restaurant anymore. You cant smoke in many public places. They make smokers out to be worse than lepers.

How often to you hear the burden smoking causes on the health care system? How often do you hear about the damage smoking causes people?

They do like to get their money from fining people that smoke where they deem it not allowable. They also love their taxes from tobacco.

So far besides the money they collect I dont see a reason they don't make smoking illegal.

Now I am no expert, but I am under the impression that pot is a far safer substance to smoke than cigarettes. Please correct me if I am wrong.

We are hearing it helps people with pain and nausea often associated with chemotherapy. It reduces pressure in the eyes benefiting individuals with glaucoma. It offers some protection of nerves from the damage caused by MS. We can grow our own and dont need to pay drug companies to supply us. Police resources would be freed up for serious crimes. Drug dealers (including some terrorists) would their business.

So besides the fact that the government can't regulate it and tax us I dont see any reason they keep it illegal.

With all this in mind please tell me why it is the government says it is OK to smoke cigarettes and not pot. I thought they were supposed to be looking out for our best interests and not just making $$$ for themselves and their buddies.

What are your thoughts?
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