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Originally Posted by clint357 View Post
One guy wants to pull most troops in 5 years and bring them back to the U.S. The other guy wants to pull most troops in 16 months and send most of them to get back on the trail of BinLaden. Do you have some super-secret insight into this war that allows you to decipher which one of these plans is better?

It's funny that the first reason we went to Iraq was in response to Bin Laden, but you say that bringing them home soon would be making them leave in failure. What about killing Osama? Wouldn't that be a failure to kill/capture the man who masterminded the killing of thousands of U.S. citizens?

It's also funny that you're all for helping the less privelaged Iraqi's become a better nation so they quit breeding violence, while you are against helping poor Americans whom breed violence in our own back yards. In both cases, it costs more now, but will have massive benefits in the future.
It's called a history book I suggest you read one.
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