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Originally Posted by Infinite_Wisdumb View Post

2 things

1) You cant fire off 30 rounds through a shotgun in a matter of seconds.
2) Any gun is meant to kill. That is its sole purpose of existence. Killing is not the purpose of rope. That is why it is an unfair comparison.

2 things

1) you CAN fire off 10 rounds of buck shot through a shotgun in a matter of seconds - this equals more projectiles flying at the target than even 30 rounds through an AK does....hell, for that matter, theres a guy who can fire 10 rounds at a target through a double action revolver in two seconds with the reload

2) No matter how you cut it, it's simply not fair to ban one gun over another because it's an "assault weapon" - and I'm still waiting for your definition on that characteristic. Irregardless of what type of weapon this asshole had, the kid would have died....even if it was a simple single shot .22 rifle - they ALL can kill, but the common factor between all of them is they require a person to pull the trigger
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