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Default FSJ build

I picked this up off of the forums awhile ago...Wouldn't run, cam gear was stripped.

Pre-installed goodies: 4 core aluminum radiator, edelbrock intake, truck avenger, HEI conversion distrib, cam of some sort, hedman headers, 5.13s, lockers front and rear

After tearing it all down, I *think* I've discovered why it kept eating gears, check out the oil slot on the timing gear...I've ordered a handful of goodies from bulltear industries and I'm probably going to end up oiling the timing cover externally by tapping into the oil sending unit

Cam is marked energizer, no idea who makes this one. Crane doesn't have a reference of ever making an energizer for the AMC 360

Fenders before:

Fenders after:

Some fugly shop tires for sure. I hate 7' garage doors

I'm still waiting on parts from bulltear so I decided to start work on the floors..PO purchased BJs replacement panels that need to be installed..I'm going to have to dig up some old road signs I have laying around to fix it completely

Freddie Flinstone carnage

Surprisingly enough, the rockers are still very solid. Only 1 body mount is screwed up as well. It's been difficult to find a FSJ that wasn't completely rotted out, this one only needing floors was no big deal. It gave me an excuse to get this

And this

For some reason it had a 3 bolt harmonic balancer on it and only had a 2 groove pulley, I want to run OBA and didn't have access to a 3 groove 3 bolt pulley so I decided to use the ones off of a donor 360..sand blasted and painted them flat black. Threw a speedi-sleeve on the harmonic cuz the surface was a hot mess

Timing cover off of donor 360, I decided to use this one and eliminate the cam gear problem being from a distorted cover..Masked off all the surfaces and went to town with the sand laid down some epoxy on it

Sooner or later the rats nest wiring is going to piss me enough that I either swap in another dash and wiring harness, or build my own sheetmetal dash

Couple misc shots of my workspace

Pictures are shitty, my SLR battery was dead and my charger was at work....Pictures didn't turn out too bad on the Iphone

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