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Originally Posted by Infinite_Wisdumb View Post

where do you come up with this stuff?

the senate is split, there will be no ban on guns.

take away the right to vote? are you on meds for your high blood pressure and you took too many? you must be delusional.
read your history. the only thing missing from the obama teleprompted speeches and elaborate productions is Leni Riefenstahl.

he will find a way. all socialist dictators do. read your history

the messiah himself has said:
the people are too dumb to vote
the constitution is flawed
I want to take away guns
spread the wealth.

you underestimate the evil you are voting for.

once you vote for him it's over. you cannot undo the vote once he starts to take away your rights should he decide to.
what he says at rallies and in the public is not what he intends to do. you need to learn that.

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