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Just so you know, I do not defend any person or organization that commits fraud on anyone.

ACORN has been under investigation for the last 2 elections and this one. If they are found to have been involved in a mass conspiracy, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

To date, they have not been convicted of anything on this kind of level that I can find.

What I asked was some proof of the 200k fraudulent registrations. What I got was an op-ed piece. That's fine, it is what it is. If you can show me something more substantial I would love to see it.

The other thing I pointed out was simply that there are laws governing how registration cards are handled. Did I say there was no fraud? No, I did not. Did I say ACORN workers could not throw away Republican cards? No, I did not. I simply said it would be a violation of law. And if they break this law, well, as I said above, that is when they should be prosecuted.

I would think that if there was this mass fraud there would be more real evidence dating back at least to the 2004 elections. What you posted are op-ed pieces and, what I assume from a quick read, are bias blogs.

The minimum wage issue? I don't think that is right to pay less than that, in fact I always thought it should be raised.

If the street bum is an American citizen he has the right to register and then vote, if he has not given up that right through any other action. Should not matter who helped him sign up, if it is done correctly.

BTW, if somebody named Mickey Mouse shows up to vote, I hope they get 4 pieces of ID from him.
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