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Originally Posted by Infinite_Wisdumb View Post
Quote CC

"It is pretty easy.

People who are young don't make money, and like to think people making money owe them something. Or they have just finished a degree and are still brainwashed from their professors.

The change starts happening once you start making money and you realize that the fruits of your labor shouldn't be given to lazy bums."

I would agree with both of these statements in general. You can afford to be idealistic when you have nothing to lose.

Do you think that being young and having to fend for yourself through college makes you more conservative, or does it make you want to give back to others like yourself?
I greatly dislike most college students, but its not completely their fault they have been brainwashed by their liberal professors and the media into liberalism. if a person is in danger or has been hurt i will help them, if a person wants to work for me for money i will hire them, if a person asks for a handout i will spit in their face. there are 2 kinds of people that i don't mind giving aid to. people so retarded they cannot do simple tasks, and people so crippled they cannot do simple tasks. if you have a sound body and mind there is no excuse for you to not have some sort of income.
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