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Originally Posted by wakebabe View Post
IMHO all he really is riding on this whole election is an amazing and unique campaign that targets students and liberals and jumps on their emotions for this "Change" that everyone wants. But does anyone even really know what the change is they want/need? No, I don't think Obama even really understands - his campaign just did an awesome job at marketing a "message".
To quote Hawking:

"Change Is". It happens all around us all the time regardless of who's in office. Therefore, change from the current situation will change if either are elected. Vote based on their record, intentions and potential impact within the context of the interactions with the other two branches of government. Want a balanced president, vote for McCain. He has worked across party lines (to the frustration of on many cases) his entire career. To be honest, I surprised more moderate liberals and aren't fully supporting McCain now as they did for his congressional position.
I'm not quoting idiots who promote unsafe recovery strap techniques anymore. :miff:

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