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Originally Posted by 84Scrambler View Post
You just hit the nail on the head. This is the single biggest issue that is driving the US into the ground. Generations of people living in this country have not had to produce anything, yet have been supported by our social contract government. I'm sorry, but if you don't produce anything, but are perfectly capable of doing so, then you should not get any support. Look at the severely handicapped or mentally retarded. Even many of them do everything they can to support themselves bybeing productive members of society as best they are able. Social welfare has caused more fundamental, possibly irreversable problems in this country than any other issue.
Which is why in some ways I find myself also thinking that this country needs another revolution, a shake up of the political parties as well.

That being said, while I'm not "for McCain" per se', I am definitely much more against Obama.

Even before your post, I knew I wasn't alone in being weary of being forced to choose from among the lesser of two evils...
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