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I dont beleive too much of what any politician has to say these days, they all have their own hidden agenda's and will sell off the American people in a second to special interest groups, lobbiest ect..They'll tell you what they think you want to hear during election times, but in the end, the American middle class suffer the most.

I voted Republican for the very first time in my 51 years of life during the last election and I GAUREENTEE you, I will NOT make the same mistake again.I think GWB is one of the worst Presidents of my time.His goals and agenda's do not and have NEVER,addressed the middle class. I dont see ANYTHING in Micky Mouse that indicates anything will change if he gets into office. Micky Mouse dont stand a CHANCE in Michigan, thats WHY he did'nt even bother to appear during his last scheduled visit. The middle class has had ENOUGH of the Republican Party and its time to see if somebody else can make a change.

I like what he has to say with respect to the middle class.Do I beleive all of it?

Nope----but I dont TRUST anything the Micky Mouse party says.
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