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Originally Posted by Infinite_Wisdumb View Post
Okay, Ill say it again, maybe reword it a little to see if I can make my point.

If Palin is just like all the other politicians out there, she is no better and no worse than Obama. You cannot discredit Obama without discrediting your own candidate. If you are willing to discredit McCain/Palin in order to bash Obama, then so be it. My point is, again, that she misuses your taxpayer dollars.

With respect to the housing market, people have to have some responsibility for their own actions here. You cant blame the fact that people didnt read their contracts on the dems. Isnt it a Republican tenet that people are responsible for themselves?

The Dems wanted EVERYONE to afford a house, regardless of their actual ability to pay... I don't think you fully understand exactly how much of an impact they had on the loosening of the mortgage regulations - the regulations that were put in part due to the Keating scandal some years before to attempt to not let it happen again. The net effect was not only did it let unqualified folks that had essentially zero opportunity to repay obtain hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans, but also the middle class to over extend themselves, and just as importantly for the less than ethical to use straw buyers, LLC's, and such to commit outright mortgage fraud on an unprecedented scale. In aggregate it's the trillion dollar nightmare - not some poor schumck that was irresponsible...

I don't see many people touting McCain in as much as they see through the liberal, biased media, and the nearly obscene amounts of bullshit they are shoveling attempting to portray Obama as some sick messiah... for one thing McCain's message is nearly drowned out what with Obama's record spending, and the media being pro bama for the past 3 years...

Make no mistake, you are also comparing the potential VP, vs. the potential President. The VP won't be signing laws into effect, or vetoing them unless something happens to McCain...

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