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Originally Posted by Monkeyevil View Post
I'm really not concerned about a $500 plane ticket when the Dems muddling in the housing market may cost us 1 Trillion dollars. Or how about the cost of Obama's health care plan?

That is what is funny about Palin. Everyone wants to make news on her scandals, but all the news can come up with is a grand in plane tickets and her firing her stupid ass brother in law.
Okay, Ill say it again, maybe reword it a little to see if I can make my point.

If Palin is just like all the other politicians out there, she is no better and no worse than Obama. You cannot discredit Obama without discrediting your own candidate. If you are willing to discredit McCain/Palin in order to bash Obama, then so be it. My point is, again, that she misuses your taxpayer dollars.

With respect to the housing market, people have to have some responsibility for their own actions here. You cant blame the fact that people didnt read their contracts on the dems. Isnt it a Republican tenet that people are responsible for themselves?
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