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Originally Posted by Grifter
do you normally draw generalizations on the rest of civilization, i dont have a dime to my name, and i think hes been great....George W. Bush that feel free to support you comment that only business people like him...

and quit bitching about the phone game, if you think that P.Bush is the first President in your/our lives to consider the need to listen in on phone convo's and track who is calling who, i would wager you are a bit off..granted the patriot act gave our goverment a lil more leway to play here and abroad..this shit has been happening for years (think cold war) didnt start yesterday and it wont end and move on....

oh and yes lets continue to alienate the rest of the world, the sooner we distance ourselves from them the better...for example the global gun ban initiative..get it in you heads now...200 plus years ago our forefathers fought a bloody war to win the right to govern ourselves from a king on the otherside of the big blue here we are and lil things like the global gun ban start happening..this shit smells like we are working towards being governed by some group of individuals who may or may not have the best interest of the United States of Americas citizens at the top of their to-do list...think about it...get it straight we are our own country and we need to keep it that way.... this idea is not new either, our country has chosen not sign the Geneva convention or the "Hague Accord"(i think i am miss-firing on the name here, someone correct me), i wonder why not...the consistency speaks for itself....we dont sign shit that the rest of the world signs because we are continuing to uphold the fact that we are our own country ruled internally by chosen leaders....not some random global figure head...feel free to alienate away...fuck em all...

if you can do it better quit bitching and get out and do something...

Problem with alienating the world is every damn person/business/nation is moving toward a global economy.. by alienating ourselves we make it MUCH easier for countries to not want to invest in the US... the drawback to this is the US seems to move everything offshore now-days (as far as manufacturing) We will rely completely on these people that hate us so much... doesn't sound like a good position to me. In WW2 most factories in America shut down their normal operations and made tanks and planes for war... currently there are very few factories here that could do that, I HIGHLY doubt that a Toyota factory will drop thir shit to make American tanks to fight a war on that side of the world if needed.

I know he isnt the first president to think about doing phone tapping and monitoring the phone numbers... but as far as I know he is the first to get away with doing it by using the 'fear' of terrorists he has generated, You say that Bush is working for the interests of the American people... his approval ratings do not say that. Im not saying Kerry was better it think they were both fucking morons, but unfortunatly all politicians seem to be anymore.

if you can do it better quit bitching and get out and do something...
I would but unfortunatly I HATE politics and dont have a dime to my name... and in this country the only thing that talks or even gets elected is $$ -- on both sides

-- so before you say it -- No im not helping shit by complaining
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