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Originally Posted by deuce228 View Post
With a WVO conversion it is basically a hybrid. It runs diesel (bio or dino) until the WVO is warm, then you run the WVO.

Certainly there could be such an influx of people running WVO that the WVO would start costing money. The nice thing is it would take a while before it offset the savings and ultimately if it became uneconomical then you could just go back to running Bio or Dino diesel.

There are several ways you can get oil. It does not have to be waste oil, but typically that is a free or nearly free source. It also, as I mentioned earlier, is more 'refined' because the excess water content is cooked out so it is more concentrated.

That VW Station Wagon that is for sale would be a good candidate for a WVO conversion because of the excess space in the back. It is very common for old Mercedes to be used for the conversions also.

I have heard rumors (but not tried to confirm) that cosmetics companies are looking into biodiesel refinery for the byproduct created.
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