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Originally Posted by doomsick View Post
New Orleans, Lousiana -- A white "community activist" who made her name as San Francisco's "Obama girl" was shot in her head and left for dead while signing up convicted black felons to vote for the "insert racial slur here" candidate.
Kirsten Brydum, a radical communist activist from San Francisco, California, bicycled to New Orleans to work in the city's black ghetto and recruit "insert racial slur here" felons as voters for the "insert racial slur here" candidate. Her actions were part of a national campaign by the "insert racial slur here" Obama, who has literally sent white college kids to crack houses and prostitution dens across the country to sign the "insert racial slur here" inside up to vote.

Brydum's murder appears to have been purely racially motivated, as New Orleans police have specifically discounted robbery. Her body was left in the street, dead, for hours before a passing police officer happened to notice it - - local blacks told the press it was just a "dead white girl" and they didn't think it was worth reporting.

The story is similar to a well known incident during the Cincinnati, Ohio, riots, when four Marxist organizers who encouraged Negroes to riot were beaten senseless by their newfound black "comrades".

According to her parents, Brydum was working for the Obama campaign while seeking "collective autonomy", and had targeted poor neighborhoods of New Orlenas in order to "challenge racism" and "connect" with "underprivileged peoples".

Brydum was a self-described "anarchist" who had protested the Republican Convention just weeks before her racially motivated anti-white murder.

Jews have promoted the lie in white society, particularly among the over- educated and the children of privilege, that Negroes are "equal" to whites and "disadvantaged" by them, and that all that is needed to create "equality" is "constructive anarchy" whereby racial and social barriers are broken down.

This lie leads many wimpy, spoiled, privileged children to endanger themselves, not recognizing that Negroes are dangerous animals that can only be controlled with terror, force, and the threat of physical punishment or death.

If elected to office, Barack Obama plans to work with the Jew communists who support him to commit acts of genocide against the same white working class he seeks to appeal to.
good riddance, if only more of those spoiled little cunts would be raped and murdered, maybe they would start to support the 2nd amendment.
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