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Originally Posted by FrankNBrew
The only people who complain are those who are doing illegal things, and whiners. Everybody else doesn't care.

They can tap my phone lines any time they want, if it's going to keep our country safer from terrorists.

Until the day the government calls my wife to tell her I've been chatting with hot chicks on the internet, I just don't give a shit.

Thats the problem anymore no one cares enough about anything to do something about it. Most people are so jaded to the fact that the laws and constitution all get twisted to mean other things that they don't even try. If it affects their life or income in any sort of inconvenient way they say fukc it Im not bothering with it... I don't do anything illegal (such as terrorism, we all speed) and I sure dont discuss such things on the phone, but dammit If I am talking to a friend or my g/f its no ones business what I am talking about.

The only thing this country seems to care about is who is fucking who... Clinton was impeached for screwing an intern, Bush is totally fucking this country, alienating most of the world, and everyone sits back and say's "eh, I cant do anything about it." The only people that like him are business, and business and $ run the country now, not the people.
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