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Originally Posted by deuce228 View Post
You are right that it could, however all the above is speculatory and with prices on the commodity markets (petro) dropping one could also speculate the opposite.

I suspect it wouldn't take long to pay for your investment with WVO so even if things changed, you would have the ability to do what the market dictated.
my thinking is this, the setup from DFA costs around 3500, including a 50 or 60 gal heated tank, add in another 500 or so for filters and transpo equipment and my total cost would run 4k. with diesel at $4 a gallon it costs me 100-120 to fill up. usually i fill up once a week, so theres about 400 a month on diesel. if my math is correct in theory i could earn back that 4k in less then a year.

I realize many large business's, like your large fast food chains are under contract for their used oil, however hittin up smaller resturants is the perfered way to go. probably u have to start with small amounts of oil then as they see your comitment they may be willing to cancel their contract and allow you to take the oil. it all depends on the business and their business practices...
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