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Originally Posted by Nuzzy View Post
But how is the transaction handled? Does one walk up to the counter and ask the manager if one can siphon out the wvo tank? How often can you go back to the same establishment (how long to replenish)? Would a call to a district manager or something need to be arranged ahead of time?
actually you have to research what resturants use for their oil. Usually there are 2 kinds, hydrogenated and non hyrogenated. Non is oil thats always in a liquid form(like any basic vegtable oil). Hydrogenated is semi solid at room temp, think crisco or block lard. You dont wanna run hydrogenated cause it will congeal, non hydrogenated has a higher ability to say in a liquid form.

Usually you go up to a resturant, and ask them what they do with thier use oil, how often do they change it, what type they use...think of it as your recycling their waste for them, usually most establishments have to pay to get rid of their used oil. If you find the right places they might set the oil on the side for you, and they might pay you a little money for taking it off their hands if you use a good amount. This is what ive heard, until i buy the kit i wont start researching place's to get oil.
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